Friday, March 9, 2012

Chicago Bakery Tour

Six in a day . Yep, we stopped at six fantastic bakeries on our mini road trip in one of our favorite getaways, Chicago.

My wonderful friend's Em, and Anna know how to make every minute on a road trip filled with the well researched, koolest, best places to shop, eat and tour.

Today's agenda was mapped out to stop at these delish places.....

"Donut Vault" was a teeny hallway with a counter at the end, people were lined up like The Soup Nazi episode of Seinfeld . We loved the old fashioned buttermilk .

"Magnolia Bakery" made Famous by Sex In The City, was absolutely charming inside. Banana Pudding was to die for and The Humming Bird cupcake! Bought some cute totes.

"Bleeding Heart Bakery" has made rockin cakes for celebrities, and the Fried Green Tomato Egg's Benedict yum!

And you can't go on a bakery tour without hitting the famous" Sprinkles "cup cakes. The first to start the cupcake craze. Lemon Coconut, and Red Velvet were standout's.

My little guy will enjoy eating his milk chocolate Sprinkles cupcake while watching Cupcake War's. And yep we either sampled, shared, or packed for home the treats from our tour. The rest to follow next couple post's. So many pic's, and places to share! Happy Saturday!

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