Thursday, March 29, 2012

My Sweet Ol Postcard Man

Oh how I love old key's!

These are some of my favorite drawing pencil's. The lead has great dark color!

A souvenir card from Jerusalem, with pressed flower's and, greeting's in pen and ink
I have a wonderful little ol'gentleman, who is primarily my vintage postcard resource. He occasionally give's me a call when he is having a garage sale, and I am there! I alway's find little interesting thing's to use in my artwork, and at the very least beautiful card's, or old illustration's. I have quite a store of old postcard's, thank's to him. I will show you more from time to time. I adore reading the correspondence from family, friend's, and an occasional love interest.So thankyou Mr Postcard man, for having such an interesting hobby, and sharing your ware's with lover's of old treasures, like me!

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