Thursday, March 1, 2012

Angry Bird Art to T

Tis true, my squirt luuuves Angry Bird. And I am amazed at all the dough that they are making off these wingless wonder's. T-shirt's included. But rather than having the same high priced one's everyone else is wearing, we opted for a $2.00 white Fruit of the Loom, and colorful ,one of a kind artwork, from my little guy. Kid's are ecstatic to wear their own art. And it's cheap and easy, and makes mom feel pretty darn good too,especially when you get a kiss, and a hug for a crafty deed well done!:)


  1. Awww it turned out so cute. I'm shocked how vivid the colors turned out. Nobody else is going to have that shirt

  2. A nice Grandma at the bookstore asked him where he got that shirt, and he said he made it and she told him how impressed she was. He was grinning ear to ear:)