Saturday, March 3, 2012

Biscuit Donut's

There were alot of kid's in my family, and I am sure we were costly to feed, especially since we heard our parent's tell us on a regular basis, "we were eating em outta house and home". So when we discovered how to make donut's from a 20 cent can of biscuit's, we were over the moon!

 It's so simple and fun for the kiddies. And it is alway's a little heartwarming to carry on little family tradition's with you own kid's. So here it is in a nutshell:
- Heat about 2 inches canola oil in a deep skillet, or use deep fryer. ( never leave hot oil unattended)

- Crack open your biscuit's and stretch them out a little to make them bigger, and either poke a hole, or I use a wee biscuit cutter. Or let the kid's make shapes, twist's, have fun!
- Then simply , and carefully put them in the oil. They only take second's to brown, then you flip and remove.
            Plop them immediately in  sugar and coat to your liking, ( we like them not too thickly coated)
Eat them warm, and fresh! Mark my word's your kid's will alway's remember these...we did;) Have a lovely weekend !

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